Hottest .. new pool multiplayer gaming system

High quality regulation size new multiplayer 32 ball pool set and a lifetime of fun

AND THATS NOT ALL .. Take a minute to image .. for over 100 years 2 player 8 ball type
pool games is where it ended and that is where Dirty Pool Games .. begins

within the USA

Fun and Exciting
New World Of Pool

For up to
4 single players
or the whole block

The New Multiplayer

32 Ball Pool Set

   How To Play
  • Family Pool Tournaments
  • New Multiplayer Options
  • New 9 Ball Type Games
  • New 8 Ball Games

   More Pool Games
  • Rollin Bones
  • Dirty Golf
  • Dirty 101
  • Last Life
  • Spot It
  • CUPS

All are in an easy
to use playbook

Sent via email
in pdf format
that can be read on
pretty much all devices

Entire Set .. or .. Games Book


EXAMPLE .. Multiplayers using two full racks

Break and enter into an actual 3 n 4 multiplayer
world of 8 ball games and more

For 3 players .. one player has the #1 balls ..
one has the #2s and one has the #3s
The #4 balls are wild and can be used by all players

What's great is .. if a 4th friend shows up ..
they simple take over the #4 balls


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Place of Business     FATHERS DAY     9 Ball Players     CLUBHOUSES     Rainy Days

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